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on fashioning text into objects


woven paper image from the cover of the first issue
woven was a short-attention-span literary anthology in zine format, including poetry, supershort stories and other small pieces of writing.

Each issue fit on one piece of paper, was reproduced by photocopier and was constructed in experimental bound and unbound forms.

There were six issues of woven before it retired from publishing. I still have a few copies of issues 4, 5 and 6 left. If you’d like one, write me a letter: Moira Clunie/ P O Box 7754/ Wellesley Street/ Auckland/ New Zealand.


issue 6

cover of woven issue 6

woven #6 was published in February 2004. The theme is “the city”. This issue is 1/8 sized with a stapleless meandering fold structure.

Contributors to issue #6 were Moira Clunie, Amanda Wheeler, Eve Lyons, Izz, Miranda Hale, Deirdre Ruane, Sarah Pinder and Jasmine Dreame Wagner (illustrations).


donny smith (dwan zine) in xerography debt #15:

what it is: a single letter-sized sheet, cleverly folded and cut to form a one-piece chapbook
inside: seven poems by seven women; some nice cityscape illustrations
quote: and for each pace / committed to this street / a skin of rubber / peels to the pavement / a skin of tenderness / peels to the heel – ‘one-up’ by izz

overall: unusually focussed for a poetry zine; vivid, personal, political

jessica, kubba zine:
Woven is a mini poetry anthology where each issue is focused on a theme. Number six is centered around “the city”. For a one-pager this has a really engaging layout. It’s cut to appear like a flipping mini with secret poems, almost like you’ve found them in the alley. Each fold is either typewritten or word processed and set against white, maps, or accented by a photograph so each piece has its own individual feel. My favorite work was the illustrations by Jasmine Dreame Wagner. The down side was that I didn’t feel too strongly about the poetry, mainly because it was too abstract for my taste, but I think it’s good for a glimpse at others’ views toward the city. Contributing poets include Amanda Wheeler, Eve Lyons, Izz, Miranda Hale, Deirdre Ruane, and Sara Pinder.

neil, fever press:
The new issue! Includes poetry by Moira Clunie, Amanda Wheeler, Eve Lyons, izz, Miranda Hale (Pleaides zine), Deirdre Ruane, Sara Pinder, plus illustrations from Jasmine Dreame Wagner of Songs About Ghosts fame. Really good, and lots of fun like the other issues (but this may be my favorite).

june, help me distro:

This is a miniature poetry zine edited/compiled by Moira of Moon Rocket Distribution. The poems are all based around the theme of “the city”. She uses a single page folded and cut to contain all the content. I really liked reading this because the poems were arranged in a nonlinear fashion (page 2 and 3 and 4 aren’t where they standardly are)!

valiant death records:
Woven is a poetry compilation zine that focuses on a central subject, this issue focuses on the city. In addition to being a great comp zine, the layout of this zine is amazing and very original. Very unique.

teresa, crimson regret zine distro:
This mini poetry zine featuring poems that are all based around the theme of “the city”. She uses a single page folded and cut to contain all the content. It will amaze you, just by trying to open the zine and the poems are arranged in a nonlinear fashion which makes this zine even more interesting!


issue 5

cover of woven issue 5

woven #5 was published in August 2002. It’s based on the theme “memory”, and is 1/8 sized like a 1/4 sized page folded in half the tall way, with an open-out centrefold in the middle.

contributors were moira clunie, ren, cameron hockly, noemi martinez, jo eaton scovell, dirk keaton and emm taylor.


jen, mad people distro:
This time around, the theme is “Memory,” with contributors including Dirk A. Keaton, Emm Taylor, Noemi Martinez, and more. The poetry speaks of everything from childhood trees, landmarks of love ruined at it’s demise, and so much more. I mentioned the format of the last issue prior, but this too has an intriguing format.

neil, fever press:
Another issue of tiny Woven brings another great crop of poems! Just as fun to read as past issues.

valiant death records:

An Awesome poetry compilation zine from New Zealand. Very cool, with a very cool layout.


issue 4

cover of woven issue 4

Issue #4 is based on the theme “secret” and is a7 [1/8 sized] and folded in a tricky way.

Contributors were Moira Clunie, Lauren Fardig, Sarah, Layla Byrd, Glenn and Jolie.


noemi, cs distro:
Intricately folded, tiny poetry zine. Impressive work.

Pretty much just a poetry zine with a minor amount of spicyness thrown in with its inventive folding techniques, which obscure everything besides the zine title and “secret” on the front and back covers. While the zine is nothing more than a piece of paper folded into something resembling a house, the poetry that is hidden inside is of a different quality than most of the poetry typically found in per-zines. This poetry is actually pretty decent, and authors contained within are proud enough of it to tag it with an e-mail address. “On Wax Paper” is much like the typical per-zine fodder, talking about a form of wonderlust endemic with free spirits such as zinesters. However, the poem of this issue goes to “The Lady of Lusignan Melusine”, which is a poem that adheres well to the theme of secretsy. “The Lady” is about a persons desire to hide from their significant other the fact that the main character is actually a mermaid. Layla’s poem reads almost like the sweetest emo song, and Glenn’s piece ties the theme of the zine in with eir’s defense of irregularity. Woven 4 ends just as it began: with a minipage hiding the content of the issue.

jen, mad people distro:

Woven is a mini poetry compilation zine compiled by Moira of Moonrocket Distribution. Issue #04 is the “Secret” issue, with all of the poems themed somehow around secrecy. Contributors include Layla Byrd, Glenn Welch, Lauren Fardig, Jolie Braun, and more. Like most issues of Woven, the layout is simple but the format is fascinatingly intricate. The “secrets” themselves vary greatly, yet each one powerfully represents the theme.

neil, fever press:
This neat little zine from New Zealand is not only filled with great poetry its also so much fun just to read! Cut and folded in such a way it’s almost like origami.

valiant death records:
Another cool poetry compilation zine, a very awesome layout. The poetry in this zine is cool, but the way the paper is cut and laid out makes this zine an experience.


issue 3

cover of woven issue 3
Issue three was the “haiku” issue. It was a triangular concertina. Contributors were Moira, James, Olivia, Des, Sarah, Chris and Joy.


issue 2

cover of woven, issue 2

Issue two was about addiction. Its binding was hand sewn. Contributors were Moira, Jo, Lauren Arrowed, Layla Weaker Vessel, Emily Art Machine and Simon W.


issue 1

cover of woven issue 1

The theme of issue one was technology. It was concertina folded. Contributors were Moira, James, Olivia and Jo.


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