the word made flesh


on fashioning text into objects

consummated press

Collage of images from consummated press books
consummated press is a retired publishing project.

It was a tiny book publisher that operated between 2001 and 2006, making books from predominantly reclaimed, reused or recycled post-consumer “waste”. All books were written, designed and constructed by Moira Clunie.

The press project evolved from a passion for waste minimisation and not wanting to throw away beautiful, though “used”, papers, and a fascination with the possibilities for intertextuality between written/printed text and the stories/meanings embodied in reused materials.

Books were handmade and handbound. Printing methods included toy rubber stamp sets, an adjustable address stamp, manual typewriters, carved erasers, linoleum blocks and a deskjet printer.



Death of a Librarian cover

Death of a Librarian was the first book produced by consummated press, in an edition of 25 copies. It’s a literary fable, played out in twelve paragraph-length chapters.

The book is entirely hand-letterpressed using office supplies and children’s toys: a “shiny s-420 self-printing kit” and a “friendship club perfect portrait stamps” set.

Chapters are printed on old library index cards [dumped because the computer indexing system makes them redundant]. The book is bound in a mini archival-style box made out of old recycled folders and refill-backs.

Pictures of Death of a Librarian


02: O!

Cover of o!
O! [an ode] was the second book for consummated press, in an edition of 30 copies. It’s an ode to the wonders of soy hot chocolate, based on the Fibonacci sequence.

O! is partly letterpressed with various toy stamping sets, and partly computer printed on reused scrap paper. The book is entirely made of reused papers. The covers are made of soy milk cartons, and other soy hot chocolate related items feature as inserts.

Pictures of O!



25 words or less cover

25 Words or Less was published in January 2002. It’s a collection of extra-short stories with eraser-carved stamp prints as illustrations. The text is printed entirely on scrap paper from old zine printings and university assignments. Five stories in seperate booklets are presented in a stapled paper pouch.

25 Words or Less is partly letterpressed with toy stamping sets, partly hand stamped with eraser carved block illustrations and partly computer printed. All paper is recycled.

Pictures of 25 Words or Less



Under the Waves was published in October 2003. It’s a children’s picture book of lino-printed sea creatures, with hand-stamped text. The binding is a simple pamphlet stitch.

The cover is stencilled blue cardstock and the inside pages are offcut art paper.

Pictures of Under the Waves.



Blink cover

blink was made in April 2004, in an edition of 75 copies. It is a series of five carved eraser block prints following my old bus commute. Titles and text are stamped with toy rubber stamp sets, and the eraser blocks are printed using rubber stamp ink. The binding is a simple pamphlet stitch with leftover threads. blink is printed onto old bus tickets, all saved from my bus trips around Auckland.

Pictures of blink.



Bonbon cover

bonbon was the sixth and last book produced for consummated press in March 2006, in an edition of 1.

It is constructed of found Christmas cracker remnants, with additional text added by manual typewriter.

Pictures of bonbon.





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