the word made flesh


on fashioning text into objects

comic sans walks into a bar and the barman says, we don’t serve your type

letterpress furniture, originally uploaded by moirabot.

from my old website, here are some letterpress-related links i have found useful & interesting:

introduction to letterpress printing in the 21st century is just that, and has a whole lot of useful introductory information and links.

the LETPRESS list has been around for years, & you can search its archives or read through its f.a.q..

briar press has an online museum of printing presses, a for sale & wanted classifieds section, a glossary of printing terms, a resource directory and more.

flywheel and cylinder has pdf manuals and parts lists for a whole lot of old letterpress models.

letterpress printing in the 1960s has historical information about printing and presses.

a short film about firefly press and letterpress printing

old movies about printing on

moving stories with pictures.

a page about vandercook proof presses.

a page about the liberty platen press.

a gorgeous restored c&p 8×12.

a page about handpress printing.

letterpress alive in the UK.

in gutenberg we trust

make ready


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